Several years passed with pico-cms for my personal webpage. In shorts, I love pico. Just for one reason. It is "Stupidly Simple" as advertised. I was never a fan for web page building. No special reasons, I just don't like it. But time to time, I always need a web server for different kind of stuffs. So whether a fan or not, a simple server is always required. That was the reason that I went for pico. And everything gone well with pico until that time. The time that pico didn't stop working but the VPS did. This story is all about this.

When I have to build a web-server from scratch, I had an opportunity to reconsider what to use for my personal webpage. This is thing that I must do. I must always look for new technologies. So I start to dig a little bit, and I saw Grav. Another well documented simple CMS. None of the fancy new features, has changed my mind over Pico. Except for one: still has development activity. Pico was not dead, but he was in coma. So I have go for Grav instead.

Migrating old pages from Pico to Grav should easy as copy and paste. Both is using Markdown, and folder hierarchy. In my case it is more like pain in the .ss . The problem is, I had so many hard coded custom extensions to make pico much more easier for my use case.

Most of the documents in old site was about my programming class. Since I am not lecturing this class anymore, It was not a big loose. Of course there were very nice exercises and notes about the course. But they were not a book quality documents, just lecture notes. Maybe in future I will port them into Grav.